The design of the Hitachi J Series inverter created a drive that is easy to install while providing high performance including maximum torque across the widest speed range without overheating the motor. The breakthrough in the drive was its use of sensorless flux vector technology: technology pioneered by Hitachi and which has become the industry standard.

High torque - fast response

As well as control over the flux vector, the J Series also incorporates automatic voltage regulation (AVR) which ensures that no matter how the supply voltage varies, the motor voltage remains fully controlled. This function, coupled with high speed digital signal processing (DSP) provides great speed stability under varying loads with full four quadrant control.

Low motor heat

Accurate control over the rotor air gap flux ensures current is not simply wasted as heat and at the same time, maintains maximum torque. Constant wave form analysis calculates the motor's actual internal conditions preventing unnecessary motor heat. This offers machine designers the great advantage of smaller motors and wider speed ranges without the need for electric fans.