HID's training courses cover every possible requirement for the customer. From on site assistance to formal classroom training at HID's own dedicated training facilities, the quality and standard of the courses and associated learning materials is first class.

On-Site Training

HID supports its customers on site at times convenient to the user. Assistance during commissioning is extended to operator training and even assistance for design or controls engineers needing to understand how best to employ products in their machine or system designs.

On site training is always practical and is formulated to get customers up and running fast and effectively - leaving staff with all the knowledge they need to program and run their products without the need to constantly call back to HID for further help. The training is usually using the actual drives, PLCs, machines and programs the trainees will encounter in their daily routines and as such is always relevant and useful.

Off-Site Training

Off site training is usually carried out at HID's own training facility, but can be at the customer's site if training rooms are available. The courses are more wide reaching than traditional on site training and may include a certain amount of theoretical training as well as the practical aspects of using Hitachi drives or PLCs.

Indeed, HID's standard courses are every bit as good (or better) than college courses covering the same topics. Most courses are semi-bespoke in that course content is agreed with the customer prior to finalising the programme. This means that exactly the training required by the customer or individual is catered for.

Courses are supported by professional course notes which have been designed to be easy to read, simple to understand and act both as a reinforcement for the course attended and as a quick reference source should an unfamiliar problem be encountered back at the trainee's workplace.

Training is carried out by experienced and practising engineers form HID's technical support team, so trainees are assured of up to date information from a true "hands on" perspective. There are few, if any, control scenarios HID's team of experts have not encountered before!

HID have two basic courses available for users of the SJ100/L100 and J300 series of Hitachi AC variable speed drives.

Installation & Programming

This is an introductory course, which allows the engineer to easily install and commission the drive system. The course comprises of:

  • Familiarisation of the inverter product

  • How to correctly install the drive system, taking the EMC legislation into consideration

  • Programming. All Hitachi inverters are simply ready to run from there initial factory settings. This section of the course shows you how to change key parameters for your application.

  • Protective functions.
  • Drives technology 1

    This course introduces the customer to basic technology involved with inverters and motors. Sizing a Power Drive System (PDS) for an application is often thought difficult. Drive Technology 1 will show you how this is easily achieved. The course comprises of:
  • What is a motor?

  • Basics in electromechanics

  • What is an Inverter?

  • Inverter Technology

  • What is Sensorless Vector Control?

  • Please contact us if you require further information on these training courses.