HID is the dedicated sales, service and support partner behind the Hitachi ranges of AC inverter drives, programmable logic controllers and associated peripheral equipment in the UK.

HID is uncompromisingly the most successful specialist in total motor and motion control. The company offers comprehensive product ranges backed by exceptional levels of training, service and support. Support which extends from the initial specifications of the equipment, through commissioning and into post sales back up.

The unquestioned strength of HID comes from its base of technical expertise, innovative products and complete commitment to customer service. HID's technical team is one of the largest and certainly the strongest in Britain. That team's experience of applications engineering is unsurpassed in the drives and controls field. The huge wealth of successful installations throughout the UK bears testimony to the reliability, suitability and effectiveness of the Hitachi products and HID's engineering prowess.
Hitachi is one of the world's largest companies and indeed, is the largest electrical manufacturer. The reliability of Hitachi products is legendary across the full spectrum from TV sets to power generation equipment. Each year the company invests over 2.5 billion in research and development alone - employing about 18,000 R&D personnel world wide. Hitachi is a major sponsor of all kinds of research from the development of existing products to the discovery and exploitation of blue-chip sky technologies.

Research into developments as diverse as magnetic levitation and computer processing and as fundamental as energy conservation and the single electron microprocessor are all funded by Hitachi investment. The company is a major sponsor of many of the world's great seats of learning - including Cambridge University in the UK.

As a pioneering organisation, Hitachi was the first to introduce the sensorless flux vector technology to the control of AC motors. When launched by HID in the UK, the new Hitachi drives changed forever the expectations of control engineers in relation to inverter performance, programmability, functionality and reliability. Now, Hitachi has done the same thing in the PLC field with developments in both hardware and software that will expand the possibilities of these essential control devices.