The Hitachi frequency inverters extend from tiny single phase L100, SJ100, L300P & SJ300 units to impressive 12 pulse JE300 drives up to 650kW. All Hitachi inverters benefit from the latest leading edge IGBT technology, state of the art microprocessors and advanced power components.

Hitachi was the first company to apply sensorless flux vector control to a standard open loop frequency inverter drive, Hitachi has further developed the technology to enable automatic energy saving, dynamic tuning and the most feature packed standard specifications in the market. The application of fuzzy logic to the inverters was another first that has resulted in degrees of adaptability that virtually eliminate nuisance tripping.

Innovative in every sense, the Hitachi inverter ranges are the most reliable around. Solid state and SM technology is used throughout the manufacture of the electronics at the heart of the inverter drive. The construction is of an unequalled quality. The inverter drives withstand just about everything industry can throw at them.