The design of the Hitachi SJ Series created a Sensorless Vector drive that is both easy to install and energy efficient, providing maximum torque across the widest speed range without overheating the motor. Technology pioneered by Hitachi and which has become the industry standard.

Hitachi SJ100

The SJ100 has extended drive performance to new levels by providing starting torque of 200% or more. They are suited for various applications in textile, paper, printing, metalwork, cranes and elevators.

Hitachi SJ300

The New Hitachi SJ300 is a sensorless flux vector inverter that is small in size and in open loop mode delivers 150% torque at 0Hz and greater than 200% torque at 0.5Hz.

At the heart of the SJ300 lies a new state of the art power module that uses Trenchgate technology developed in Japan. This new technology achieves 20-30% lower losses than traditional IGBT's at 50% higher current density.