Hitachi's smallet sensorless vector inverter drive yet
January 1999

HID has launched the smallest sensorless flux vector Hitachi inverter ever. The tiny Hitachi SJ100 inverter is more than 50% smaller than its predecessor the Hitachi J100 inverter - and that was already one of the smallest drives of its class! The new Hitachi inverter drive gets its first European showing at the Drives and Controls Exhibition in Telford during 16-18 March 1999.

The Hitachi SJ100 inverter has extended inverter drive performance to new levels by providing starting torque of 200% or more. The Hitachi SJ100 inverter drive also has advanced features such as auto tuning to set motor constants; second motor setting; PID control as standard, 16-stage multi-speed operation; and inrush current protection built in. Other useful benefits from the unit include an intelligent terminal system that allows users to select only the functions needed from a comprehensive set of enhanced functions; and the ability to select fan on or off to give longer cooling fan life.

Equipped with regenerative braking as standard, the Hitachi SJ100 inverter is ideal for constant torque loads where high torque is needed at low speeds - such as for conveyors, extruders, mixers, lifts and others.

Operation is simple, the only controls being run and stop keys, plus a speed control knob on the main panel, and function, scroll up and down, and store buttons inside the front case. Functions are grouped within the menu systems to enable rapid setting. The intelligent, assignable terminals also allow for remote programming and for downloading programs from a PC or one of Hitachi's remote hand-held programming units.

At the heart of the inverter drive is Hitachi's own ISPM (inverter systems power module) that contains all of the power, logic and protection electronics in a compact monobloc component. This construction provides incredible reliability and has been the major contributor to the miniaturisation of such a powerful range of Hitachi inverter drives. Additionally, the advanced high volume manufacturing employed in the production of the ISPM brings price benefits to the customer.

The Hitachi SJ100 inverter has been designed as a truly global product and carries all world standards including CE, UL, C-UL and C-Tick. The Hitachi SJ100 inverter is certificated to comply with both the CE low voltage and EMC directives. Stocks of all sizes from 0.2kW to 2.2kW single phase and 0.4kW to 7.5kW three phase are immediately available.

Hitachi changed the UK's AC inverter drives market radically when it launched the Hitachi J Series sensorless flux vector inverter drives. The Hitachi inverters delivered vastly superior performance and full torque at the lowest speeds thanks to an innovative method of measuring motor load to enable the voltage to be adjusted to ensure maximum torque at all times.

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