Remote operation is as easy as a hop, dop and a jump
October 1998

Hitachi has available a range of remote operator and copy units which enable the functions and parameters of Hitachi inverters to be updated remotely. The easy to use Hitachi DOP/DRW tool can communicate with any Hitachi inverter via a 1 or 3m cable. For even greater programming flexibility of the Hitachi J300 inverter Series, the HOP/HRW can be attached to the Hitachi J300 inverter by simply sliding it into the front panel, with no need for extra cable.

For applications requiring the remote programming and monitoring of just one drive either the HOP or DOP unit alone will suffice. The DOP allows the functions of the digital operation panel of the Hitachi J300 inverter to be executed remotely. Attachment is easy; the blind cover on the front of the Hitachi J300 inverter is removed and the remote unit's cable inserted. Features include a large, single line, back-lit LCD screen displaying functions in full English text, plus forward, reverse and stop keys for delivering run commands to the inverter.

The HOP device includes all of the DOP features, with the added advantage of remote operation without the need for extra cable. The increased display capability of the HOP model means users benefit from four extra lines of text and a status bar too.

Both the DOP/DRW and the HOP/HRW units have the same functions as the corresponding DOP or HOP with additional read and copy keys. The DOP/DRW copy unit reads the set-up data from the master Hitachi J300 inverter and transfers it, via the cable, to the slave Hitachi J300 inverter, where it is stored.

The HOP/HRW unit works in a similar way. Once the copy device has read the Hitachi J300 master inverter's set-up parameters, it can then be removed and plugged into a slave Hitachi J300 inverter, allowing the set-up information to be downloaded. This is useful for maintenance applications where more than one inverter requires programming. Once the master Hitachi J300 inverter data has been read, both units are able to retain this data, even after the power has been turned off.

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